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  • Created: September 2022
  • Update: September 2022

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Welcome to Competo

Welcome to Competo WordPress theme. We hope you will love our theme and it will be your indispensable theme.
Please don't forget to read documentation step-by-step before installation. We've explained everything about our theme in this documentation.
Also we have created video tutorials about installation & configuration of this theme.

If you are unable to find your answer in this documentation , please contact us.
Our support team will help you to resolve issues.

Cheers , LockThemes

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What's included

After buying theme , you will need to download theme package from Envato.

Click Downloads to see these two options.
  • Installable WordPress file only. You can upload this file when you install the theme.
  • Full theme package. (Includes theme, sliders, grids and offline documentation)

Theme installation

In this section you can learn how you can install & configurate your theme

PHP Configuration Limits

Before installing theme , you should adapt you server's PHP Limits to our theme's needs. Low PHP limits can cause
some issues like "white page" , "loading time error" and etc. Minimum requirements :

max_execution_time 360
memory_limit 128M
post_max_size 32M
upload_max_filesize 32M

Installation with WordPress

STEP 1: Download "All Files & Documentation" pack from you Envato account :

And extract .ZIP file. :

STEP 2: After download theme package , navigate to admin panel (dashboard) -> Appearance-> Themes

STEP 3: Click on Add New and then Click on Upload Theme and select file

STEP 4: Click and install theme

STEP 5: When the installation complete, click Activate. You will be redirected to themes page

Required plugins

For using theme with full functionality , you will need some plugins. For more information , please check table :

Plugin Description Required/ Recommended
Unyson Theme options panel plugin REQUIRED
Elementor Page builder. For creating & editing pages. REQUIRED
Essential Grid The most powerful grid & portfolio plugin REQUIRED
One Click Demo import Imports home demos , pages , media , etc. REQUIRED
Contact From 7 Contact form REQUIRED
Envato Market Envato market plugin for update theme. RECOMMENDED
LockThemes Widgets Custom wigdets RECOMMENDED
LockThemes Elementor Widgets Custom wigdets RECOMMENDED

Installing required plugins

After activation your theme , this notice will appear in your dashboard :

Click Begin installing plugins. You will be navigated to Install Required Plugins page.
Here , select and install all plugins:

After installing required plugins you must activate them.

Demo installation

Importing demo pages

You can import all demos within the minutes. For doing it please navigate to Appeanace->One click demo import You'll see page like bottom.
Here you can select which demo you want to install. Select your demo and click Import demo button.

After clicking Import Demo button , you will be redirected to importing page. Click Continue & Import

And your demo imported !

Importing inner pages

You can import inner pages easily. It looks like importing home demos. Again navigate to Appeanace->One click demo import page. Scroll to bottom of the page. You will see these blocks :

Importing images

Now you should import(download) theme images. Again navigate to Appeanace->One click demo import page. Scroll to bottom of the page. You will see these blocks :
Click and import images.

Importing Grid / Portfolio

To import Grid / Portfolio , navigate to Dashboard->Essential Grid->Import/Export and select essential_grid_data.json
You can find grid file in theme package. competo-pack->portfolio-data->essential-grid-data.json

Select all boxes and click Import selected data

Grids imported ! 🥳

Setting homepage

After importing demo and its needs (Slider , Grids etc. if demo contains) you should set that page as homepage.
Navigate to Dashboard->Settings->Reading :

Select your demo and save.

Theme options panel

Competo has a powerful & easy to use options panel. You can modify theme options
easily from Options panel.

Using options panel

Before using options panel , please make sure that Unyson plugins installed activated.

You can modify theme options like "site logo" , "accend color" , "header options" and etc here.
To access Options Panel , navigate to Dashboard->Appearance->Theme settings

In next section [Theme customization] you will learn how you can modify / edit theme options.

Theme customization

Documentation and examples for header, navbar, sidebar, footer

General options

This option will help you edit your site title and tagline, and set site icon.
Navigate to Dashboard->Apppearance->Customize->Site Identity

Setting your logo

You can set you website logo in Theme Option
Navigate to Dashboard->Apppearance->Theme settings->General options

Here we see 4 logo upload blocks :
  1. General logo - this logo will appear in blog header. (Not in demo or inner pages !)
  2. Sticky header logo - sticky header logo. Will appear in sticky headers in the both blog and demo pages
  3. Dark logo - this logo will only appear in demo and inner page headers which has a light background
  4. Light logo - this logo will only appear in demo and inner page headers which has a dark background
  5. Sticky sidebar logo - this logo will appear in sticky sidebar header. You can see example image below :

Header options

Competo has 8 header styles for demo pages and 2 header styles for blog pages. You can easily manage header elements in theme options.
Navigate to Appearance->Theme Settings->Header

We see some options here about header. Let's know what these options do :
  1. Header style - Competo has three header styles for blog pages (we'll add new styles in next updates). 1.Standard header 2.Fullscreen(transparent) 3.Extended header
    You can select your blog's header style here. Blog header styles :

  2. Show logo - options to show/hide logo in the header
  3. Sticky menu - option to enable/disable sticky menu (sticky header)
  4. Show search icon - options to show/hide search icon in the header
  5. Show WooCommerce icon -options to show/hide search icon in the header (WooCommerce plugin must be active !)
  6. Header button text - text content of the header button
  7. Header button link - URL of header button

Please check image below :

Header topbar and Business Information

TopBar is a mini informations section placed in top of the header. You can set your business address , email ,
phone , social address network links or a simple text message here.
There two types of topbar :
  1. Standard topbar - it's standard topbar contains information about your business (address , mail, phone etc.)
  2. Text based topbar - here yu can write your message to site visitors

You can control topbar settings from Appearance->Theme settings->Topbar :

You can set your business information (which will appear in topbar) in Appearance->Theme settings->Business details :

NOTE: If you set Topbar text in topbar settings , topbar will automatically be text based topbar and site information won't appear here.

Blog layout

Competo has two blog layout styles :
  1. Standard layout
  2. Boxed layout

Navigate to Appearance->Theme settings->Blog for setting up blog / layout settings.

Blog post & pages

In this section you will learn you to configurate bog and creade post & pages.

Configurating blog page

After installing theme you should configurate blog too. You firstly should create a blog page.
Navigate to Dashboard->Pages->New and create new post.

Create page and save :

After crating page , Navigate to Dashboard->Settings->Reading, select page which you created above and save :

Creating blog post

For creating blog post , please follow these steps :

  1. Navigate to Posts > Add New in your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Create a post title, and insert your post content in the editing field
  3. Set post category and tags
  4. Choose post thumbnail
  5. and click Publish
Check image:

Configurating blog page

For creating blog post , please follow these steps :

  1. Navigate to Pages > Add New in your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Create a post title, and insert your post content in the editing field
  3. Choose page thumbnail
  4. and click Publish

If you want to create Elementor page , you should select page template :

And click publish. Then click Edit with elementor. You will be redirected Elementor builder page :

If you aren't familiar with elementor , check Elementor documentation :

How to create menu ?

For creating menu , please follow these steps :

  1. Navigate to Navigate to Appearance > Menus and click Create a new menu :

  2. Give your menu a name, then clickCreate Menu :

  3. Menu created. Now you should select menu items :

  4. and click Publish

Mega menu

Creating Mega menu is so easy. Just add megamenu class to menu element which you want to do it Mega menu.
Example :


Competo has 5 sidebars :

You can add widget in Appearance->Widgets
You can learn more about widgets from WordPRess official website :

Source & Credits



Plugins :

  • Elementor Builder
  • Slider Revolution
  • Essential Grid
  • Unyson


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